If you want to manage CDN resources through data monitoring, statistical analysis, usage query, refresh and preload, and log analysis, then you can use the service management functions in the CDN console. These functions enable you to analyze the status of CDN in real time and make business decisions promptly.

CDN supports the following service management functions:
Function Reference Description Default
Monitoring and Usage Analytics Monitor data Allows you to learn the status of CDN through resource monitoring and real-time monitoring. N/A
Use the statistical analysis function Allows you to learn the status of CDN through analysis of retrieved data. N/A
Query usage You can query data transfer usage, bandwidth usage, or number of requests within a specified time range, for a specified domain, or in a specified region. N/A
Query bills You can query all bill statements under the current CDN user account by day or by month. You can also query billing statements by billing method. The billing methods supported by CDN include pay by data transfer, pay by added value, and pay by real-time log entries. N/A
Export a bill You can query all bill statements under the current CDN user account by day or by month, and then save the bill statement data to a PDF file. N/A
Export details You can create a bill statement export task and then save the data to an EXCEL file. N/A
Resource plans If you have purchased CDN data transfer plans, check the data transfer plan details to make sure that you use the data transfer plans properly. N/A
Refresh and preload Configure the refresh and preload function The refresh function forces CDN nodes to retrieve the latest content from origin sites. The preload function loads frequently queried content to CDN nodes before peak hours to accelerate content delivery. N/A
Log management Download logs You can query log data within the specified time range or for a specified domain name, and then download the log data. N/A
Log storage By default, CDN only stores log data for one month. You can import the log data to Object Storage Service (OSS) for persistent storage. This allows you to analyze the log data at any time. N/A
Diagnostic tools Diagnostic tools URL authentication helps you prevent unauthorized downloads and use of resources on origin sites. N/A