You can analyze CDN logs to locate and resolve issues to improve the overall performance of your CDN service. This topic describes the log functions of CDN.

Log functions

CDN supports the following log functions:
Function Description
Download logs You can query log data within the specified time range or for a specified domain name, and then download the log data.
Log storage By default, CDN only stores log data for one month. You can import the log data to Object Storage Service (OSS) for persistent storage. This allows you to analyze the log data at any time.

Related products

The log management functions of CDN work with the following products:
  • Function Compute

    Function Compute is used in various CDN events, including log storage, refresh and preload, resource blocking, domain name addition and deletion, and domain name enabling and disabling. For more information about how these events are triggered, see CDN event triggers.

    For more information about Function Compute, see What is Function Compute.

  • OSS

    For more information about OSS, see What is OSS?.