You can log on to the Requirements Management module with your Alibaba Cloud account and click Create Request to go to the page for creating a requirement. On this page, you can enter information as needed and assign the requirement to your Alibaba Cloud account or a Resource Access Management (RAM) user account under your Alibaba Cloud account. The user of the specified account becomes the owner of this requirement.


  1. Log on to the DataWorks console, find the target workspace, and then click Data Analytics.
  2. On the DataStudio page that appears, click the icon in the upper-left corner and choose All Products > Requirements Management.
  3. Click Create Request.
  4. Enter the requirement name and content, set parameters in the Basic Information section on the right, and then upload attachments in the Related Attachments section.
    Create a requirement
    • On the page for creating a requirement, a draft is saved every 5 minutes, and the latest draft overwrites the earlier draft.
    • You must assign a requirement to an account. The account can be your Alibaba Cloud account or a RAM user account under your Alibaba Cloud account, regardless of whether the account is added to the selected DataWorks workspace.
  5. Click Save. The created requirement appears in the requirement list.