Requirements Management provides a tool to help users of Alibaba Cloud big data services develop data in a standardized and cost-effective way.

Note Currently, Requirements Management is available in the following regions: China (Shanghai), China (Hangzhou), China (Beijing), and China (Shenzhen).
Standardized data development has the following benefits:
  • Simplifies and standardizes workflows.
  • Eliminates invalid or redundant work and improves work efficiency.
  • Makes sure that data development is done in a well-organized and controlled way.


  • Professional requirement management: Based on common data development scenarios, Requirements Management provides a streamlined and closed-loop process from submitting a requirement to delivering data. Requirements Management provides milestones that represent different phases of the development process to clearly display the phase that each data requirement is currently in.
  • Standardized development process: Requirements Management allows you to fully control the lifecycle of a data requirement in different phases, including Review, Design, Develop, Test, Publish, and Acceptance Check.

Basic features

  • Create a requirement: You can log on to the Requirements Management module with your Alibaba Cloud account and click Create Request to go to the page for creating a requirement. On this page, you can enter information as needed and assign the requirement to your Alibaba Cloud account or a Resource Access Management (RAM) user account under your Alibaba Cloud account. The user of the specified account becomes the owner of this requirement. For more information, see Create a requirement.
  • Manage a requirement: After a requirement is created, the requirement owner and users to whom the requirement is copied can manage the requirement as needed on the requirement details page. For example, they can add comments, change the priority or status of the requirement, and upload attachments. For more information, see Manage a requirement.
  • Search for a requirement: You can search for a submitted requirement in normal, conditional, and advanced search modes. For more information, see Search for a requirement.
  • Save as a view: You can save a search as a view. Later, you can click the view to initiate the same search quickly.

Unique features

  • Milestone: Requirements Management provides six milestones based on a standardized development process to clearly display the development progress.
  • Associate nodes and milestones with a requirement: You can associate nodes and milestones with a requirement to achieve the following benefits:
    • View the deployment progress of the associated nodes in a visualized way.
    • Check the milestone that has been achieved to learn about the overall implementation progress of the requirement in real time.
    • View the code associated with the requirement for auditing.