In Cloud Config, each resource has its own compliance timeline. A compliance evaluation record is generated for a resource each time when the resource is evaluated by a rule. More compliance evaluation records form a compliance timeline of the resource.

Background information

Pay attention to the following information when viewing the compliance timeline of a resource:

  • Points on a compliance timeline
    • Start point: the time when a resource is evaluated by a rule for the first time. You can configure Cloud Config to run a rule to evaluate a resource periodically at the specified time or each time when you change the resource configuration. You can also manually run a rule to evaluate a resource.
    • Node: A node is generated on the compliance timeline of a resource each time when the resource is evaluated. One or more rules may be used to evaluate a resource at a time.
    • Breakpoint: Unlike a configuration timeline, a compliance timeline does not have any breakpoints because a resource is evaluated by a rule upon real-time configuration changes and this evaluation is discontinuous.
  • Content on a compliance timeline
    A compliance timeline is a collection of historical compliance evaluation records of a specific resource.
    • Time: the time when a compliance evaluation is performed.
    • Trigger type: the reason that triggers the compliance evaluation on a resource. A compliance evaluation can be triggered manually, periodically, or upon configuration changes.
    • Compliance evaluation results: On the left side of the Compliance Timeline tab, the evaluation result is marked for each node, which can be Compliant or Non-compliant. This helps you quickly find the node that you focus on.
    • Evaluation details of each node: include the basic information of the resource and the current evaluation result. If the evaluation is triggered by real-time configuration changes, the change details are also displayed for you to locate the non-compliant configuration item.


  1. Log on to the Cloud Config console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Resources.
  3. On the page that appears, set filters or enter a resource ID to search for the specified resource.
  4. Click the resource ID in the Resource ID / Resource Name column. The Details tab appears.
  5. Click the Compliance Timeline tab and view the compliance timeline details of the resource.