This topic describes the procedure to get started with Cloud Config, the operation scenarios, and the relationship between features of Cloud Config.

Procedure in Quick Start

By performing the steps in the following procedure, you can authorize Cloud Config to monitor and evaluate resources.Quick Start
The following table describes the steps to get started with Cloud Config.
No. Step Scenario
1 Authorize Cloud Config to access your resources Before you use Cloud Config, authorize Cloud Config to read the data of your resources.
2 View the resource list After you authorize Cloud Config, Cloud Config automatically scans resources in each region under your account and generates an aggregated list of resources in multiple regions. You can view and manage the resources under your account.
3 Create rules Cloud Config checks the validity of resources based on rules. You can configure rules to evaluate resources as needed.
4 (Optional) Set the monitoring scope After you activate Cloud Config, the monitoring scope of the service includes all supported resource types by default. During initialization, Cloud Config scans all resources under your account. If you have other monitoring schemes, select resource types to be monitored as needed.

Relationship between features

The core elements of Cloud Config include resources, rules, configuration information, configuration history, configuration changes, compliance evaluation results, rule information, and compliance evaluation history. The following figure shows the relationship between features.View information in the Cloud Config console