Before configuring audit rules, you can understand Rule definition and Operation Principle. Then, follow these steps to configure the rules:


  1. Log onConfigure the audit console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Domain Names.
  3. Click Create rule.
  4. Select "select preset rule" or "select custom rule" as the rule creation method ". If you select "preset rules", the service has preset dozens of available rules for you, which can be directly selected. If you select custom rules, you must first develop rule functions in function compute before you can reference them here. For more information, see Develop custom rules.
  5. Configure the name and description for the rule.
  6. Select the trigger mechanism of the rule. Scheduled tasks, manual tasks, and real-time resource changes are supported.
  7. Select the resource type associated with the rule.
  8. Configure the rule input parameters. If you use a preset rule, you only need to configure the input parameter value as prompted. If you use a custom rule, you need to configure the input key and value, note that the key is the same as the input parameter of your custom rule function and is the same as the actual property name of the resource. Key and value can be obtained through the resource query interface.


After you submit a rule, the rule is displayed in the rule management list. The rule status is applied. Click details to view the basic information of the rule.