Sets the PrivateZone service.

PrivateZone is a VPC-based resolution and management service for private domain names. Networks in a Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) instance can access the PrivateZone service through CEN.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required? Example value Description
AccessRegionId String Yes cn-hangzhou

The access region.

The access region is the region of the cloud resource that accesses the PrivateZone service through CEN.

CenId String  Yes cen-7qthudw0ll6jmc****

The ID of the CEN instance.

HostRegionId String Yes cn-hangzhou

The service region.

The service region is the target region of the PrivateZone service to be accessed through CEN.

HostVpcId String Yes cn-hangzhou

The VPC that belongs to the service region.

Action String No RoutePrivateZoneInCenToVpc

Optional. The name of this action. Value: RoutePrivateZoneInCenToVpc

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example value Description
RequestId String C0245BEF-52AC-44A8-A776-EF96FD26A5CA

The ID of the request.


Request example

http(s)://[Endpoint]/? Action=RoutePrivateZoneInCenToVpc

Response examples

XML format


JSON format



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