This topic describes the features that are in invitational preview and the features that are supported only in specific regions.

Features in invitational preview and supported regions

Local transaction: supported in all regions. You must submit a ticket to enable this feature.

Features supported in specific regions

The search index and Tunnel Service features are supported in specific regions. The following table describes the regions where the search index or Tunnel Service feature is supported.

Note In the following table, a tick (√) indicates that the feature is supported in this region, and a cross (×) indicates that the feature is not supported in this region.
Region Search index Tunnel Service
China (Hangzhou)
China East 1 Finance
China (Shanghai)
China East 2 Finance ×
China (Qingdao) × ×
China (Beijing)
China (Zhangjiakou)
China (Hohhot) × ×
China (Shenzhen)
China (Chengdu) × ×
China (Hong Kong)
Singapore (Singapore)
Australia (Sydney)
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) × ×
Indonesia (Jakarta) × ×
Japan (Tokyo) × ×
Germany (Frankfurt)
UK (London)
US (Silicon Valley)
US (Virginia)
India (Mumbai)
UAE (Dubai) × ×
Philippines (Manila) × ×