Most Tablestore features are supported in all regions. This topic describes the features that are not supported by all regions or are currently in invitational preview.

Note If the feature you are searching for is not included on this list, it means that this feature is supported in all regions.

Features in invitational preview and supported regions

Tablestore has the following features in invitational preview:

Local transactions: supported in all regions. You must submit a ticket to enable this feature.

Features not supported in all regions

Search index and Tunnel Service are not supported in all regions. The following table describes which regions support the feature.

Region Search index Tunnel Service
China (Hangzhou) Yes Yes
China (Shanghai) Yes Yes
China (Qingdao) - -
China (Beijing) Yes Yes
China (Zhangjiakou) Yes Yes
China (Hohhot) - -
China (Shenzhen) Yes Yes
China (Chengdu) - -
China (Hong Kong) Yes Yes
Singapore Yes Yes
Australia (Sydney) - -
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) - -
Indonesia (Jakarta) - -
Japan (Tokyo) - -
Germany (Frankfurt) - -
UK (London) - -
US (Silicon Valley) - -
US (Virginia) - -
India (Mumbai) Yes Yes
UAE (Dubai) - -