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PMML Model Service Request Construction

Last Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Input data description

  • An online model service created by using the PMML processor receives request data that contains a list of serialized strings. The request data can be processed by multiple threads in parallel. You must input the data to the objects in the list according to the requirements described in DataDictionary of the PMML file.
  • For example, the following PMML model has three features: sex, cp, and fbs. It has one label column: ifhealth. The format of the request data is as follows:[{“sex”:0,”cp”:1,”fbs”:1},{“sex”:1,”cp”:0,”fbs”:1},{“sex”:0,”cp”:0,”fbs”:0}]
  1. <PMML version="4.3">
  2. <Header/>
  3. <DataDictionary numberOfFields="4">
  4. <DataField name="sex" optype="continuous" dataType="double"/>
  5. <DataField name="cp" optype="continuous" dataType="double"/>
  6. <DataField name="fbs" optype="continuous" dataType="double"/>
  7. <DataField name="ifhealth" optype="categorical" dataType="double">
  8. <Value value="1"/>
  9. <Value value="0"/>
  10. </DataField>
  11. </DataDictionary>
  12. ... a model ...
  13. </PMML>