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Last Updated: Jul 30, 2020


ApsaraVideo Player SDK for web is an important part of ApsaraVideo. This service has integrated cloud video services. In addition to the basic playback features of ApsaraVideo for VOD and ApsaraVideo Live, the ApsaraVideo Player SDK also supports features such as encrypted playback, resolution switching, and live streaming time shifting. This player provides you with simple, fast, secure, and stable video playback services.

Online settings

ApsaraVideo Player provides online settings and generates executable code to facilitate player integration. This function is available at Online Settings.

Function display

ApsaraVideo Player supports function display. It uses components and plug-ins to provide features of memory playback, marquee, playlist, and advertisement. It also provides feature codes so that you can customize features as required. You can experience this feature at Function display.

Note: For WeChat and Tencent browsers in an Android mobile phone, some features may fail due to player hijack.

QR code for demo of ApsaraVideo Player

Scan the following QR code to use the demo of ApsaraVideo Player.