Resource monitoring is the most common monitoring operation in Container Service for Kubernetes. You can conveniently monitor the usage of resources such as CPU, memory, and network. Container Service has integrated CloudMonitor for resource monitoring. By default, CloudMonitor is installed and integrated for all newly created clusters.


  1. Log on to the Container Service console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane under Container Service - Kubernetes, choose Applications > Deployments. The Deployments page appears.
  3. Find the required deployment and click Monitor in the Actions column. Alternatively, click Monitor for the deployment in the Kubernetes dashboard.
    The monitoring page in CloudMonitor appears.
  4. You can click Group Name or Instance to monitor the deployment from different dimensions.
  5. To set alerts, click Alarm Rule in the left-side navigation pane. For more information, see Manage alert rules.
    The name of a group-level metric starts with group, while the name of an instance-level metric starts with pod.