This topic describes the release notes of Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection (SDDP).

Released date Description Documentation
2020-06-30 The dynamic de-identification feature is provided. SDDP allows you to call the ExecDatamask operation to dynamically de-identify sensitive data. Perform dynamic de-identification
2020-05-19 The sensitive data query feature is provided to help you find sensitive data detected in your data assets. Query sensitive data
2020-05-19 The sensitive data de-identification feature is upgraded to support PolarDB databases. Perform static de-identification
2020-04-22 The data asset authorization feature is upgraded to allow you to authorize SDDP to access multiple data assets at a time. Grant access to data assets
2019-07-15 The SDDP console is optimized. N/A
2019-07-04 SDDP is commercially released. What is Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection?
2019-06-27 The static de-identification feature is provided. Perform static de-identification
2018-09-01 SDDP is released for public preview. What is Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection?