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Last Updated: May 27, 2020

In the new API Gateway version released in 2019, the original throttling, IP address-based access control, backend signature, and JWT (OpenId Connect) features are all integrated into the plug-in system. Cross-origin resource access (CORS) and caching are two new features added in this version. You can implement these new features by configuring plug-ins. In the future, more plug-ins will be added to API Gateway, and the API editing interface will be cleaned up.

Plug-ins are available only in the following regions. They will become available in other regions soon.

  • UK (London)
  • UAE (Dubai)
  • US (Virginia)
  • US West 1 (Vilicon valley)

Plug-in limits

  • You can only bind plug-ins of the same type to an API.
  • Plug-ins are region-specific. You can bind a plug-in to an API in the same region as it. You can create a maximum of 500 plug-ins.
  • Plug-ins and APIs are managed separately. A plug-in takes effect on an API only after the plug-in is bound to that API in the specified environment.
  • You can bind plug-ins only to published APIs.
  • The binding, unbinding, or update operations on plug-ins take effect immediately on their bound APIs. You do not need to republish these APIs. Some APIs may affect your business, we recommend that you test the plug-ins on a test API first.
  • The operation of unpublishing an API does not affect its binding relationship with any plug-ins. The bound plug-ins take effect on the API again when the API is republished.
  • Plug-ins that are bound to published or unpublished APIs cannot be deleted.

Quick start

  • Log on to the API Gateway console and create a plug-in on the Plugin List page.

  • On the Plugin List page, bind the plug-in you created to a published API.

  • The plug-in takes effect immediately after it is bound to the API.

Developer Guide

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