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Last Updated: May 27, 2020

Request error codes

Error definition Error code in hexadecimal format Error code in decimal format Description
ERROR_SERVER_NO_RESPONSE 20010001 536936449 The server returns no response.
ERROR_SERVER_WRONG_JSON 20010002 536936450 The response returned by the server is not in JSON format.
ERROR_NO_MATCH_QUALITY 20010003 536936451 No resolution matching the request is available.
ERROR_PLAYAUTH_WRONG 20010004 536936452 A playAuth parsing error has occurred.
ERROR_REQUEST_FAIL 20010005 536936453 The request failed.

POP error codes

Error definition Error code in hexadecimal format Error code in decimal format Description
ERROR_SERVER_POP_UNKNOWN 20010100 536936704 An unknown POP error has occurred. For more information about POP error messages, see Error codes.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_MISSING_PARAMETER 20010101 536936705 A parameter is missing.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_INVALID_PARAMETER 20010102 536936706 A parameter is invalid.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_OPERATION_DENIED 20010103 536936707 ApsaraVideo for VOD has not been activated for your account.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_OPERATION_SUSPENED 20010104 536936708 Your account has overdue payments. Recharge your account.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_FORBIDDEN 20010105 536936709 You are not authorized to perform the operation.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_INTERNAL_ERROR 20010106 536936710 An unknown error has occurred in the background.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE 20010107 536936711 The service is unavailable.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_SIGNATUREANONCE_USED 20010108 536936712 The signature has been used.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_SECURITYTOKEN_MAILFORMED 20010109 536936713 The security token is incorrect.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_SECURITYTOKEN_MISMATCH_ACCESSKEY 2001010A 536936714 The security token and AccessKey do not match.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_SIGNATURE_NOT_MATCH 2001010B 536936715 The signature is incorrect.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_ACCESSKEYID_NOT_FOUND 2001010C 536936716 The AccessKey ID does not exist.
ERROR_SERVER_POP_TOKEN_EXPIRED 2001010D 536936717 The token is expired.

VOD error codes

Error definition Error code in hexadecimal format Error code in decimal format Description
ERROR_SERVER_VOD_UNKNOWN 20010200 536936960 An unknown VOD error has occurred. For more information about VOD errors, see GetPlayInfo.
ERROR_SERVER_VOD_FORBIDDEN_ILLEGALSTATUS 20010201 536936961 The video status is invalid.
ERROR_SERVER_VOD_INVALIDVIDEO_NOTFOUND 20010202 536936962 The specified video does not exist.
ERROR_SERVER_VOD_INVALIDVIDEO_NOSTREAM 20010203 536936963 No transcoded stream file available for playback is found based on the specified filter criteria.
ERROR_SERVER_VOD_FORBIDDEN_ALIYUNVODENCRYPTION 20010204 536936964 Only transcoded stream files encrypted by the Alibaba Cloud video encryption service exist. You must use ApsaraVideo Player to play the files or set the ResultType parameter to Multiple.
ERROR_SERVER_VOD_INVALIDAUTH_MEDIAID 20010205 536936965 The authentication information and the video ID (VID) do not match.
ERROR_SERVER_VOD_INVALIDAUTHINFO_EXPIRETIME 20010206 536936966 The authentication information has expired.

MPS error codes

Error definition Error code in hexadecimal format Error code in decimal format Description
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_UNKNOWN 20010300 536937216 An unknown ApsaraVideo for Media Processing (MPS) error has occurred.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_MEDIAID 20010301 536937217 The media ID is invalid.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_AUTHTIMEOUT 20010302 536937218 The authentication expiration time is invalid.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_FORMATS 20010303 536937219 The media format is invalid.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_AUTHINFO 20010304 536937220 The authentication information is invalid.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_SIGNATURE_CHECK_FAILED 20010305 536937221 The signature failed verification.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_MEDIAID_NOT_EXIST 20010306 536937222 The media ID does not exist.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_MEDIA_RESOURCE_NOT_EXIST 20010307 536937223 The media resource does not exist.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_MEDIA_NOT_PUBLISHED 20010308 536937224 The media is not published.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_MEDIA_NOT_ENCRYPTED 20010309 536937225 The media is not encrypted.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_CIPHERTEXTBLOB 2001030A 536937226 The ciphertextBlob string is invalid.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_CIPHERBLOB_NOT_EXIST 2001030B 536937227 The ciphertextBlob string does not exist.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INTERNAL_ERROR 2001030C 536937228 An internal server error has occurred.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_IDENTITY_NOT_ORDER_VIDEO_SERVICE 2001030D 536937229 You are not authorized to perform the operation.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_UPDATE_CDN_DOMAIN_CONFIGS_FAIL 2001030E 536937230 The host configuration failed to be updated.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_AUTH_KEY_EXIST 2001030F 536937231 The AccessKey secret for authentication has been used by another account.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_AUTH_KEY_NOT_EXIST 20010310 536937232 The AccessKey secret for authentication does not exist.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_PARAMETER_OUT_OF_BOUND 20010311 536937233 The parameter value is out of the value range.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_PARAMETER 20010312 536937234 The parameter is invalid.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_PARAMETER_NULL_VALUE 20010313 536937235 The parameter value is null. You must specify the parameter.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_PARAMETER_EMPTY_VALUE 20010314 536937236 The parameter value is empty. You must specify a non-empty value for the parameter.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_MEDIA_RESOURCE_NOT_MATCH 20010315 536937237 The media resource is not supported.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_MEDIA_NOT_FOUND_CIPHERTEXT 20010316 536937238 The ciphertext of the media ID is not found.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_PARAMETER_RAND 20010317 536937239 The specified rand parameter is invalid.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_REDIS_POOL_IS_EMPTY 20010318 536937240 The Redis cache connection pool is empty.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_SIGNATURE_CHECK_MEDIA_FAILED 20010319 536937241 The signature and the media ID do not match.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_SIGNATURE_CHECK_EXPIREDTIME_FAILED 2001031A 536937242 The specified timeout value has expired.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_SESSION_TIME 2001031B 536937243 The value of the SessionTime parameter is not greater than 0. Set the parameter to a value greater than 0.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_END_USER_ID 2001031C 536937244 The length of the EndUserId parameter is incorrect.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_INVALID_URL 2001031D 536937245 The format of the LicenseUrl parameter is incorrect.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_HTTP_REQUEST_FAILED 2001031E 536937246 The request failed.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_XML_FORMAT_ERROR 2001031F 536937247 The XML format is incorrect.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_SESSION_NOT_EXIST 20010320 536937248 The session does not exist.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_REGION_NOT_SUPPORTED_API 20010321 536937249 The API is not supported.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_DRM_NOT_ACTIVATED 20010322 536937250 Digital rights management (DRM) is not authorized for this region. Contact ApsaraVideo for VOD technical support.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_DRM_AUTH_ERROR 20010323 536937251 DRM verification failed. Authorize DRM for the media.
ERROR_SERVER_MPS_CDN_CONFIG_NOT_EXIST 20010324 536937252 No Content Delivery Network (CDN) domain name is bound to your Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket.

Live streaming time shifting error codes

Error definition Error code in hexadecimal format Error code in decimal format Description
ERROR_SERVER_LIVESHIFT_UNKNOWN 20010400 536937472 An unknown time shifting error has occurred.
ERROR_SERVER_LIVESHIFT_REQUEST_ERROR 20010401 536937473 The time shifting request failed.
ERROR_SERVER_LIVESHIFT_DATA_PARSER_ERROR 20010402 536937474 The time shifting data failed to be parsed.

DRM error codes

Error definition Error code in hexadecimal format Error code in decimal format Description
ERROR_TBDRM_UNKNOWN 0x20012000 536944640 An unknown DRM error has occurred.
ERROR_TBDRM_DEMUXER_UNIMPLEMENTED 20012001 536944641 Transcoded streams encrypted by Alibaba Cloud video encryption cannot be decapsulated.

Artp error codes

Error definition Error code in hexadecimal format Error code in decimal format Description
ERROR_ARTP_UNKNOWN 0x20013000 536948736 An unknown Artp error has occurred.
ERROR_ARTP_DEMUXER_UNIMPLEMENTED 0x20013001 536948737 Load Artp module failed.
ERROR_ARTP_LOAD_FAILED 0x20013002 536948738 Artp playback load failed.
ERROR_ARTP_STREAM_ILLEGAL 0x20013003 536948739 Artp streaming address illegal.
ERROR_ARTP_STREAM_NOT_FOUND 0x20013004 536948740 Artp streaming not found.
ERROR_ARTP_STREAM_STOPPED 0x20013005 536948741 Artp streaming stopped.
ERROR_ARTP_PLAY_TIMEOUT 0x20013006 536948742 Artp play timeout.
ERROR_ARTP_SPSPPS_AACCONF_TIMEOUT 0x20013007 536948743 Artp receive SPS/PPS or AAC Conf timeout.
ERROR_ARTP_ARTP_MEDIA_INFO_TIMEOUT 0x20013007 536948743 Artp receive SPS/PPS or AAC Conf timeout.
ERROR_ARTP_PACKET_RECV_TIMEOUT 0x20013008 536948744 Artp receive packet timeout.
ERROR_ARTP_MEDIA_PROBE_FAILED 0x20013009 536948745 Artp probe failed.

Playback error codes

Error definition Error code in hexadecimal format Error code in decimal format Description
ERROR_UNKNOWN_ERROR 2001FFFF 537001983 An unknown error has occurred.
ERROR_DEMUXER_OPENURL 20030001 537067521 The URL is unavailable.
ERROR_DEMUXER_NO_VALID_STREAM 20030002 537067522 The stream is invalid.
ERROR_DEMUXER_OPENSTREAM 20030003 537067523 The stream is unavailable.
ERROR_LOADING_TIMEOUT 20030004 537067524 The loading times out.
ERROR_DATASOURCE_EMPTYURL 20030005 537067525 The data source URL is not specified.
ERROR_DECODE_VIDEO 20040001 537133057 The video decoding failed.
ERROR_DECODE_AUDIO 20040002 537133058 The audio decoding failed.
ERROR_NETWORK_UNKNOWN 20050000 537198592 An unknown network error has occurred.
ERROR_NETWORK_UNSUPPORTED 20050001 537198593 The protocol is not supported.
ERROR_NETWORK_RESOLVE 20050002 537198594 The domain name cannot be resolved.
ERROR_NETWORK_CONNECT_TIMEOUT 20050003 537198595 The network connection times out.
ERROR_NETWORK_COULD_NOT_CONNECT 20050004 537198596 The server is unavailable.
ERROR_NETWORK_HTTP_403 20050005 537198597 An HTTP 403 error has occurred.
ERROR_NETWORK_HTTP_404 20050006 537198598 An HTTP 404 error has occurred.
ERROR_NETWORK_HTTP_4XX 20050007 537198599 An HTTP 4xx error other than HTTP 403 or HTTP 404 has occurred.
ERROR_NETWORK_HTTP_5XX 20050008 537198600 An HTTP 5xx error has occurred.
ERROR_NETWORK_HTTP_RANGE 20050009 537198601 The HTTP range request is not supported.
ERROR_NETWORK_HTTP_400 2005000A 537198602 An HTTP 400 error has occurred.
ERROR_CODEC_UNKNOWN 20060000 537264128 An unknown decoding error has occurred.
ERROR_CODEC_VIDEO_NOT_SUPPORT 20060001 537264129 The video coding format is not supported.
ERROR_CODEC_AUDIO_NOT_SUPPORT 20060002 537264130 The audio coding format is not supported.
ERROR_GENERAL_UNKNOWN 20080000 537395200 A standard error has occurred.
ERROR_GENERAL_EPERM 20080001 537395201 An EPERM error. The operation is not permitted.
ERROR_GENERAL_ENOENT 20080002 537395202 An ENOENT error. No such file or directory exists.
ERROR_GENERAL_EIO 20080005 537395205 An EIO error. An Input/Output (I/O) error has occurred.
ERROR_UNKNOWN 0x2FFFFFFF 805306367 An unknown error has occurred.

Error definition Error code in hexadecimal format Error code in decimal format Description
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_NOT_SELECT_ITEM 30010000 805371904 No track is selected for download.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_NO_DOWNLOAD_ITEM 30010001 805371905 No track is available for download.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_STS_SOURCE_NULL 30010002 805371906 The source for STS-based playback is not specified.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_AUTH_SOURCE_NULL 30010003 805371907 The source for playAuth-based playback is not specified.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_AUTH_SOURCE_WRONG 30010004 805371908 The authentication format is incorrect.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_INVALID_ITEM 30010005 805371909 The selected track for download is invalid.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_URL_CANNOT_REACH 30010006 805371910 The URL is unavailable.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORT_FORMAT 30010007 805371911 The format of the file to be downloaded is not supported.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_ENCRYPT_FILE_NOT_MATCH 30010008 805371912 The authentication information in the security file does not match the application information.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_DOWNLOAD_SWITCH_OFF 30010009 805371913 The download feature is disabled.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_NET_ERROR 3001000A 805371914 A network error has occurred.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_NOT_SET_SAVE_DIR 3001000B 805371915 The download directory is not specified.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_CANNOT_CREATE_SAVE_DIR 3001000C 805371916 The download directory cannot be created.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_NO_SPACE 3001000D 805371917 No sufficient space is available.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_WRITE_ERROR 3001000E 805371918 An error occurred while writing the data.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_ENCRYPT_ERROR 3001000F 805371919 An error occurred while decrypting the data.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_FILE_NOT_EXIST 30010010 805371920 No such file exists.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_CLEAN_INVALID_PARAM 30010011 805371921 The parameter that specifies the file to be deleted is invalid.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_CLEAN_WRONG_STATUS 30010012 805371922 The file status is incorrect. Only files in the stop status can be deleted.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_GET_AES_KEY_FAIL 30010013 805371923 The AES key failed to be obtained.
DOWNLOAD_ERROR_ENCRYPTION_NOT_SUPPORT 30010014 805371924 The encryption method is not supported.