This topic describes the features, specifications, and scenarios of NAS Capacity. You can select this type of NAS file system based on your business requirements.

NAS Capacity uses SATA hard disk drives (SATA HDDs) as the storage devices, and provides high-performance storage space at low costs. NAS Capacity is a file sharing solution. It is applicable to cost-efficient scenarios that require high throughput and scalability. You can adopt this cost-efficient solution if you do not need to perform frequent read/write operations and do not have high requirements for response latency.


  • Scalable capacity and throughput (up to 10 GB/s) that linearly scales along with capacity.
  • Optimized performance. Applicable to scenarios that require large capacity and high throughput.


  • Capacity: 10 PB
  • Latency: 10 milliseconds of latency
  • IOPS: up to 15,000 (4K random read/write)
  • Throughput: linear scalability along with capacity


Applicable to computing scenarios that require large capacity, high throughput, and moderate latency. Applicable to cost-efficient workloads, such as big data analysis, file sharing, and backup.