You can create an AnalyticDB for MySQL node in DataWorks to build an online ETL process.

  1. Go to the DataStudio page, and choose Create > Data Analytics > AnalyticDB for MySQL.
    AnalyticDB for MySQL
    Note You can also select a workflow, right-click Data Analytics, and then choose Create Data Analytics Node > AnalyticDB for MySQL.
    AnalyticDB for MySQL
  2. In the Create Node dialog box, enter the Node name, select the Destination folder, and then click Commit. The Location field is optional. You can specify this field to classify and manage nodes.
    Create Node
  3. Edit the AnalyticDB for MySQL node.

    You can select a connection and edit SQL code on the node editing tab.

    1. Select a connection.
      Select a target connection for the node. If you cannot find the required connection in the drop-down list, click Add Connection to open the Add Connection page. You can add the connection on the Data Integration page. For more information, see Configure a connection.
      Select a connection
    2. Edit SQL statements.
      After selecting a connection, you can write SQL statements based on the syntax supported by AnalyticDB for MySQL. You can write DML and DDL statements in the code editor.
      Edit SQL
    3. Save and run the SQL statements.

      After you finish editing the SQL statements, click the Save button to save the settings of the node to the server. Then, click the Run button to run the SQL statements you have saved.

  4. Set properties of the node.
    Click Properties on the right of the node editing tab to go to the Properties page. For more information, see Properties.
    Set properties of the node
  5. Commit the node.

    After you set the properties, click Save in the tool bar to commit the node to the development environment. After you commit the node to the development environment, the node is unlocked.

  6. Deploy the node.

    For more information, see Deploy a node.

  7. Test the node in the production environment.

    For more information, see Cyclic task.