AnalyticDB for MySQL provides multiple data import solutions to meet data import requirements in different scenarios.

Data source Method
Database ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL
PolarDB-X (formerly known as DRDS)
Oracle Use DataWorks: Configure an Oracle connection
SQL Server Use DataWorks: Configure an SQL Server connection
Big data MaxCompute
Hadoop and E-MapReduce (EMR) Use DataWorks: Configure an HDFS connection
Flink Use Flink AnalyticDB for MySQL Connector: Flink AnalyticDB for MySQL Connector
Message queue Kafka
Log data Log Service
Log data Use Logstash plug-ins: Use Logstash to collect log data in real time
Local data

AnalyticDB for MySQL allows you to asynchronously submit data import or export tasks. For more information, see Submit import or export tasks asynchronously.