This topic describes how to execute a flow and view the execution result.


Create a flow


  1. Log on to the Serverless Workflow console.
  2. On the Flows page, select the flow that you want to execute and view the flow information.
  3. On the Details page, click Start Execution.
  4. In the dialog box that appears, specify an execution name in the Execution Name (Optional) field. If you do not specify an execution name, Serverless Workflow automatically generates a name for the execution.
  5. Enter an input in the JSON format for the execution.
  6. Click Start Execution to start the execution.
    You are directed to the Details page of the execution. You can view the execution results on the Details page.desc-exec-1


In addition to using the Serverless Workflow console, you can also use the following methods to execute a flow and view the execution result:
  • Call the StartExecution operation to execute a flow. For more information, see StartExecution.
  • Call the DescribeExecution operation to view the execution result. For more information, see DescribeExecution.