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Use reserved instances in Serverless Kubernetes

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019


Reserved instances match with pay-as-you-go container groups based on matching rules. For more information about matching rules, see Matching rules for reserved instances.

Create a serverless Kubernetes cluster


Create a container group with specified specifications

Reserved instances can only match with the container groups that you create by specifying specifications for container groups.

  • In the Container Service for Kubernetes console, click a node under Application in the left-side navigation pane, for example, Stateless, to create an application.


  • Click Create from Template in the upper-right corner.



  • Add the following annotation to the pod template. (The reserved instance ecs.c5.large is purchased in this example.)

You must add annotations to the pod description.

  1. annotations:
  2. : "ecs.c5.large"

View the created container group


You can also see the container group that you have created in the Elastic Container Instance (ECI) console.

If you purchase a zone-based reserved instance, make sure that it is in the same zone as your serverless Kubernetes cluster. Otherwise, the container group that you create in the Kubernetes cluster cannot use the reserved instance.

View the billing information, fee deduction details, and bill of the reserved instance

See Use a reserved instance for a container group.