Based on open-source community plug-ins, Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch provides a variety of plug-ins and other extensions. The topic describes the plug-ins feature of Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch. This feature allows you to use plug-ins provided by Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch to meet business demands.

Use plug-ins

Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch console, and select Instance ID > Plug-ins.

On the Plug-ins page, you can check Built-in Plug-ins and Custom Plug-ins.
  • Built-in plug-ins

    You cannot remove the analysis-ik and elasticsearch-repository-oss plug-ins in the Built-in Plug-ins list. With the analysis-ik plug-in, you can use the standard update or rolling update method to upload and update IK dictionaries. This allows you to update customized dictionaries. For more information, see Built-in plug-ins.

  • Custom plug-ins

    You can upload, install, and remove custom plug-ins to meet your business demands. For more information, see Custom plug-ins.