Security Center supports the use of RAM user accounts. RAM allows you to create and manage multiple identities under an Alibaba Cloud account, and grant specific permissions to a single identity or a group of identities. In this way, different RAM users are authorized to access different Alibaba Cloud resources.

A newly created RAM user does not have any permissions by default.


When you log on to the Security Center console as a RAM user and perform an operation, the following message is displayed: "You are not authorized to perform the current operation." In this case, your RAM user account may not be authorized by the Alibaba Cloud account.


Grant the AliyunYundunSASFullAccess permission to a trusted RAM user account.
  1. Contact the Alibaba Cloud account user to log on to the RAM console with the account.
  2. Authorize the RAM user account to manage Security Center by using the Alibaba Cloud account. For more information about how to authorize a RAM user account, see Grant permissions to a RAM user.
    Note Before authorization, you must ensure that the RAM user account to be authorized is valid.

After the authorization is complete, log on to the Security Center console with the RAM user account and perform operations.