This topic introduces the basic configuration of the Kibana node. You can switch the language of the Kibana console in the basic configuration.

Notice The basic configuration of the Kibana node is only available in Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch 6.7.0 with Commercial Feature.

Switch the language of the Kibana console

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch console, and then clickInstance ID/Name > Data Visualization.
  2. Click Edit Configuration under Kibana to go to the Kibana Configuration page.

    You can then view the Basic Configuration on the Kibana Configuration page. In the Basic Configuration area, follow these steps to switch the language of the Kibana console. By default, the language is set to English.

  3. Click Edit Configuration on the right side of Basic Configuration.
    Notice The system must restart the Kibana node for the changes to take effect. Make sure that the restart process does not affect your operations on the Kibana console before you perform the following steps:
  4. On the Edit Basic Configuration page, select a language from the Select Language list, and click OK.

    Note The Kibana console supports both English and Chinese. The default language is English.
    After you click OK, the Kibana node will automatically restart. After the Kibana node is restarted, Log on to the Kibana console and verify that the console is switched to the selected language.