This topic provides an overview of the coexistence policy of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) and Express Connect. From June 25, 2019, the added support for CEN allowed users to attach VPC and VBR instances that use Express Connect peering connections. The routing coexistence policy for a VPC or VBR instance that uses Express Connect is as follows:

  • If a VPC or VBR instance is attached to a CEN instance after June 25, 2019, the static route of Express Connect takes precedence over the dynamic route of CEN. Therefore, CEN will not send a route that is more specific than the static route of Express Connect to the VPC or VBR.
  • If you submitted a ticket and enabled the coexistence of CEN and Express Connect for an instance before June 25, 2019, the routing coexistence policy remains unchanged.
  • Additionally, you cannot add peering connections to a VPC/VBR that is already attached to a CEN instance. If you need to add peering connections, submit a ticket.

For more information about how to migrate the VPCs and VBRs that are using Express Connect peering connections to CEN, see Migration overview.