HBase Standard Edition

ApsaraDB for HBase Standard Edition is developed based on the distribution of the open source HBase. It supports custom features, and its stability and operations and maintenance capabilities are deeply optimized. These capabilities are based on the following optimization and improvements: 1. Optimization of the internal distribution (Performance-enhanced Edition). 2. Patches in the new open source edition. 3. Bug fixes and user experience optimization. The custom features supported by ApsaraDB for HBase can be easily migrated across versions. When a new community edition is released, Alibaba Cloud can quickly develop an upgraded version of ApsaraDB for HBase based on the new community edition. By using a comprehensive internal testing and regression system, Alibaba Cloud ensures that you can enjoy the latest and most comprehensive features with high stability and improved user experience. Currently, ApsaraDB for HBase Enterprise Standard Edition supports two versions: V1.1 and V2.0. These versions are based on HBase 1.1.2 and HBase 2.0.0, and are fully compatible with the open source editions.

HBase Enhanced Edition

ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition uses the distribution of HBase inside Alibaba, and has been tested for more than eight years to serve all business units in the Alibaba economy system. It focuses on maturity, stability, high performance, cost-effectiveness, multi-tenant, security, and other capabilities that are needed in volumetric data storage and processing scenarios. In the development process, Alibaba Cloud integrates and optimizes features from various open source distributions so that they can be used in production. Alibaba Cloud also contributes to the open source communities by sharing their technologies. Users can access ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition by using the official client or standard APIs. This edition supports HBase-1.x and HBase-2.x clients. ApsaraDB for HBase is nearly 100% compatible with these native features and APIs. ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition delivers seven-fold performance of the open source edition at half of the storage cost. For more information, seeBenefits.

HBase Serverless Edition

ApsaraDB for HBase Serverless Edition is a serverless service developed based on the kernel of the performance-enhanced edition. It is available at an ultra-low starting price of CNY 6 per month. The Serverless Edition is an extremely flexible edition that is ideal for scenarios such as training, learning, testing, intermittent loads, and small-scale production. For more information, seeServerless documentation. For more information about how to choose clusters and Serverless product forms, seeComparison document.

Choose an edition

  • ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition is developed based on the internal HBase distribution maintained by Alibaba Group. This edition is superior in terms of maturity, stability, and cost-effectiveness. It also provides enterprise-class features and management tools, and has been tested in core businesses inside Alibaba Group. It is ideal for general enterprise customers.
  • ApsaraDB for HBase Standard Edition is a customized open source edition that is optimized by Alibaba Cloud. It is ideal for scenarios where the performance-enhanced edition cannot meet the user needs.
  • ApsaraDB for HBase Serverless Edition is a Serverless service, which is suitable for low-cost learning and testing scenarios.
  • Note: ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition does not support some ecosystem components such as Phoenix, Kylin, and Geomesa. Alibaba Cloud is making efforts on optimization. Other features and client APIs are complied with the open source standards.

Feature Description