Welcome to choose Serverless Workflow. Serverless Workflow offers you a variety of API operations. If you are familiar with networking protocols and more than one programming languages, we recommend that you use Serverless Workflow API operations to orchestrate tasks and schedule various services such as Function Compute.

Request process

Serverless Workflow uses RPC-based API operations available to all Alibaba Cloud users. You can manage and use Serverless Workflow, and schedule various services such as Function Compute based on Serverless Workflow API operations. The following figure shows the path where an API request is forwarded when you call an API operation.



Limits on the names and accounts that you can create vary with the use of Serverless Workflow. For more information, see Limits.


Serverless Workflow API operations support HTTP or HTTPS requests and allow you to use GET and POST methods.

You can debug and call Alibaba Cloud APIs by using development tools such as SDK, Alibaba Cloud Command Line Interface (Alibaba Cloud CLI), Cloud Shell, and OpenAPI Explorer. For more information about how to call Serverless Workflow API operations, see Make API requests.
  • Serverless Workflow SDK

    You can download Serverless Workflow SDK from Developer Center.

  • Alibaba Cloud CLI

    Alibaba Cloud CLI is an open source tool built on Alibaba Cloud SDK for Go. You can use Alibaba Cloud CLI to manage your Alibaba Cloud resources.

    For more information, see Alibaba Cloud CLI User Guide.

  • Cloud Shell

    Cloud Shell is a web-based command line tool. You can use Cloud Shell from any browser to run cloud commands and manage Alibaba Cloud resources. Fore more information, see What is Cloud Shell.

  • OpenAPI Explorer

    OpenAPI Explorer is a web-based visual tool for calling APIs. You can use OpenAPI Explorer to call Alibaba Cloud APIs in the marketplace and view the API request and response in each call.

    For more information, see What is OpenAPI Explorer?.

  • When you call an API operation by using Alibaba Cloud CLI or SDK, remove the periods (.) from request parameters. For example, use SystemDiskCategory instead of SystemDisk.Category as a request parameter.
  • The detailed descriptions of error codes are included in each API operation. The descriptions of error codes in each API operation prevail.