Security Center Advanced and Enterprise editions support custom security reports. You can customize the data that is included in a report, and specify the email addresses of the recipients. Custom reports help you monitor the security status of your assets.


The following procedure shows how to manage security reports in the Security Center console.
  1. Log on to the Security Center console, and choose Operation > Reports.
  2. On the Reports page, click Create Report.1
  3. On the Specify Basic Information tab, enter the required information.2
    • Report Name: specify a name for the report.
    • Report Type: select a report type from the drop-down list. Supported report types are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Custom.
      If you select Custom, you must set the Data Collection Period parameter to specify the report generation cycle.3
    • Report Time: select a time period from the drop-down list. Reports are sent to you during the specified time period every day, on every Monday, or on the first day of every month. Supported time periods are 00:00-6:00, 6:00-12:00, 12:00-18:00, and 18:00-24:00.
    • Recipient: enter the email addresses of the recipients.
  4. Click Next.
  5. On the Specify Report Data tab, select the types of data that you want to display in the report. You can select assets, alerts, vulnerabilities, baseline check, attacks, and other data that relates to operations security.4
  6. Click Save to create the report.
    Reports that you have created are listed on the Reports page.5

    By default, reports are enabled after they are created. Security Center sends reports to the specified email addresses during the specified time period. If you no longer need a type of security reports, click the Enabled toggle under the report to disable this report type.

    • By default, Security Center automatically creates a report that can be edited or cloned. However, you cannot change its report type.
    • You can edit, clone, and delete reports.
    • After you create a custom report, you can click Send Now to send the report to the specified recipients.
    • You can filter reports by status, type, and report name.
    Notice You can create up to nine reports, excluding the default report created by Security Center.