This topic describes how to delete a flow in the Serverless Workflow console or by using Alibaba Cloud CLI.

Background information

Deleting a flow is an asynchronous operation. After a successful API call, you will receive a response that indicates this operation is successful. After a flow is deleted, all historical execution information of this flow can no longer be queried, and each ongoing flow execution will stop after it completes the most recent step. You can re-create a flow with the same name. In this case, the ID of the new flow is different from the ID of the original flow. The new flow is not affected by the original flow.

Delete a flow in the console

  1. Log on to the Serverless workflow console.
  2. Delete a flow.
    • On the Flows page, click Delete in the Action column to delete a flow.delete-flow-1
    • You can also click the name of a flow on the Flows page. Then, on Flows page of the target flow, click Delete in the upper-right corner to delete the flow.delete-flow-2

Delete a flow by using Alibaba Cloud CLI

You can use the DeleteFlow command to delete an existing flow.

$ aliyun fnf DeleteFlow --Name cli_guide_1
# Successful operation
    "RequestId": "xxxxx"