You can specify the interval at which monitoring data is collected in the ApsaraDB for Redis console.

Background information

Notice The performance monitoring feature is upgraded to improve user experience. On the Performance Monitor page of the new version, you cannot select the metrics that you want to display. By default, all metrics are displayed and collected at intervals of seconds. For more information, see Announcement: performance monitoring upgraded.

You can set the data collection interval to 5 Seconds or 60 Seconds. The default data collection interval is 60 Seconds. In most cases, the default setting meets your requirements. If you want to collect metrics more frequently, you can perform the following operations to change the data collection interval to 5 Seconds. Monitoring data does not occupy the storage of the instance. The instance is not affected when the monitoring data is collected.

For more information about the relationship between the data collection interval and monitoring data, see the methods that are used to collect metrics in Metrics.


If the data collection interval is set to 5 Seconds, the queried time range cannot exceed 10 minutes.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraDB for Redis console.
  2. In the top navigation bar of the page, select the region where the instance is deployed.
  3. On the Instances page, click the ID of the instance.
  4. In the left-side navigation pane, click Performance Monitor.
  5. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Monitoring Interval.
    Figure 1. Performance Monitor page
    Performance Monitor page
  6. In the dialog box that appears, select an interval and click OK.
    Figure 2. Specify the data collection interval
    Specify the data collection interval