You can view and fix alerts and vulnerabilities on the Overview page of the Security Center console. We recommend that you enable webpage anti-tampering to protect your website.

Security Center provides Basic Edition (Free Edition), Advanced Edition, and Enterprise Edition. Basic Edition does not provide protection against malicious processes, webshells, or suspicious processes. Therefore, you cannot view the alerts. A Basic Edition user must upgrade Security Center to Advanced Edition or Enterprise Edition to view and handle the alerts for webshells.

For more information about how to upgrade Security Center, see Renewal and upgrade.

Security Center Advanced Edition and Enterprise Edition provide webpage anti-tampering as a value-added service. With webpage anti-tampering, you can monitor website directories in real time and restore tampered files or directories through backup. Webpage anti-tampering prevents website information against malicious tampering. You can use the webpage anti-tampering capability to prevent websites from being blocked due to trojans, cyber kill chains, terrorist threats, and pornography.