This topic describes the release notes of Server Migration Center (SMC) features, including release dates, regions that support the features, and related documentation.

Feature Description Release date Supported region Documentation
Data migration to Container Registry SMC allows you to migrate source servers to Container Registry. You can use SMC to migrate containerized applications to Container Registry at low costs. 2020-06-22 All Migrate source servers to Container Registry
Block replication SMC can automatically obtain the partitioning scheme of a source disk. This feature ensures that the destination disk has the same partitioning scheme as that of the source disk. 2020-05-14 All Step 2: Create and start a migration task
Incremental migration SMC allows you to migrate incremental data from source servers to Alibaba Cloud. You can specify the time interval between incremental migration tasks. Incremental migration reduces the service downtime and the total time of migration. 2019-09-28 All Migrate incremental data from a source server
Network type settings SMC allows you to specify a network type that is used to migrate data from a source server to an intermediate instance. You can select a VPC or use the Internet. 2019-08-30 All Create and start a migration task
Data migration from multiple servers at a time You can import multiple migration tasks at a time in the SMC console. SMC provides an Excel template to import task information. 2019-07-12 All Import multiple migration tasks by using an Excel template
Public preview version SMC is a service migration platform developed by Alibaba Cloud. SMC allows you to migrate one or more source servers to Alibaba Cloud. 2019-06-17 All SMC documentation