API description: DeleteTable

You can call the DeleteTable operation to delete a specified table from the current instance.

     * Delete a table based on the table name.
     * @api
     * @param [] $request The request parameters.
     * @return [] The response. If the DeleteTable operation succeeds, no message is returned. An empty array is returned here to be consistent with other operations.
     * @throws OTSClientException The exception that is thrown when a parameter check error occurs or the Table Store server returns a verification error.
     * @throws OTSServerException The exception that is thrown when the Table Store server returns an error.
    public function deleteTable(array $request);            
Request format
$result = $client->deleteTable([
     'table_name' => '<string>', // Required.
Request format description

table_name: the table name.

Response format
Response format description

The response is empty. If an error occurs, the system throws an exception.


The following code provides an example of how to delete a table:

$result = $otsClient->deleteTable([
    'table_name' => 'MyTable'