Queries the types of instances that can be created in specified zones.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes DescribeAvailableResource

The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to DescribeAvailableResource.

RegionId String Yes cn-beijing

The ID of the region. You can call the DescribeRegions operation to query region IDs.

ZoneId String No cn-beijing-c

The ID of the zone. You can call the DescribeZones operation to query zone IDs.

InstanceChargeType String No PrePaid

The billing method. Valid values:

  • PrePaid: subscription
  • PostPaid: pay-as-you-go
Note Default value: PrePaid.
OrderType String No BUY

The type of the order. Valid values:

  • BUY: purchases an instance.
  • UPGRADE: changes the specification of an instance.
  • RENEW: renews an instance.
Engine String No Redis

The type of engine. Valid values:

  • Redis
  • Memcache
ResourceGroupId String No rg-acfmyiu4e******

The ID of the resource group. You can call the ListResourceGroups operation to query the ID of the resource group.

Note You can also query the ID of the resource group in the Resource Management console. For more information, see View basic information about a resource group.
InstanceId String No r-bp1zxszhcg******

The ID of the ApsaraDB for Redis instance.

Note This parameter is required only if you set the OrderType parameter to UPGRADE or RENEW.
AcceptLanguage String No zh-CN

The language of the returned value. Valid values:

  • zh-CN: Chinese. This is the default value.
  • en-US: English.
ProductType String No OnECS

The type of the service. Valid values:

  • Local: an ApsaraDB for Redis instance with a local disk.
  • OnECS: an ApsaraDB for Redis instance with a standard disk. This type is available only on the Alibaba Cloud China site.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
AvailableZones Array of AvailableZone

The detailed information about the zones that are queried.

RegionId String cn-beijing

The ID of the region.

SupportedEngines Array of SupportedEngine

The engine types that are supported.

Engine String Redis

The engine type of the instance.

SupportedEditionTypes Array of SupportedEditionType

Instance editions that are supported.

EditionType String Community

The edition of the instance. Valid values:

  • Community: indicates a Community Edition instance
  • Enterprise: indicates an Enhanced Edition instance.
SupportedSeriesTypes Array of SupportedSeriesType

The series of the instance. Valid values:

SeriesType String enhanced_performance_type

Series. Valid values:

  • enhanced_performance_type: indicates a performance-enhanced instance.
  • hybrid_storage: indicates a hybrid-storage instance.
SupportedEngineVersions Array of SupportedEngineVersion

The list of engine versions.

SupportedArchitectureTypes Array of SupportedArchitectureType

The architecture types that are supported.

Architecture String cluster

Architecture. Valid values:

  • standard: the standard architecture.
  • cluster: the cluster architecture.
  • rwsplit: the read/write splitting architecture.
SupportedShardNumbers Array of SupportedShardNumber

The list of available shards.

ShardNumber String 8

The number of shards.

SupportedNodeTypes Array of SupportedNodeType

The list of supported node types.

AvailableResources Array of AvailableResource

The list of available specifications.

InstanceClass String redis.logic.sharding.2g.8db.0rodb.8proxy.default

The instance type code. To view the specification information, search for the instance type code in the search box in the Document Center.

InstanceClassRemark String 16 GB cluster instance (Sharding) (Queries per second (QPS): 2,000,000, number of connections: 80,000)

The description of the instance type.

SupportedNodeType String double

The type of the node. Valid values:

  • single: the single replica node.
  • double: the master-replica node.
Version String 5.0

The engine version of the instance.

ZoneId String cn-beijing-c

The ID of the zone.

ZoneName String Beijing Zone C

The name of the zone.

RequestId String 128BD75D-A423-4235-B777-811429BB****

The ID of the request.


Sample requests

&<Common request parameters>

Sample success responses

XML format

                  <ZoneName>Beijing Zone C</ZoneName>
                                                                                                                  <InstanceClassRemark>16 GB cluster instance (Sharding) (QPS: 2,000,000, number of connections: 80,000)</InstanceClassRemark>

JSON format

    "RequestId": "5094D428-5CC5-4494-A8B4-59BBBDED****",
    "AvailableZones": {
        "AvailableZone": {
            "ZoneName": "Beijing Zone C",
            "ZoneId": "cn-beijing-c",
            "SupportedEngines": {
                "SupportedEngine": {
                    "SupportedEditionTypes": {
                        "SupportedEditionType": {
                            "EditionType": "Community",
                            "SupportedSeriesTypes": {
                                "SupportedSeriesType": {
                                    "SupportedEngineVersions": {
                                        "SupportedEngineVersion": {
                                            "SupportedArchitectureTypes": {
                                                "SupportedArchitectureType": {
                                                    "SupportedShardNumbers": {
                                                        "SupportedShardNumber": {
                                                            "ShardNumber": 8,
                                                            "SupportedNodeTypes": {
                                                                "SupportedNodeType": {
                                                                    "AvailableResources": {
                                                                        "AvailableResource": {
                                                                            "InstanceClass": "redis.logic.sharding.2g.8db.0rodb.8proxy.default",
                                                                            "InstanceClassRemark": "16 GB cluster instance (Sharding) (QPS: 2,000,000, number of connections: 80,000)"
                                                                    "SupportedNodeType": "double"
                                                    "Architecture": "cluster"
                                            "Version": 5
                                    "SeriesType": "enhanced_performance_type"
                    "Engine": "redis"

Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.