This topic describes how to create a NodePort service in the Kubernetes-piggymetrics-cluster cluster. The service is used to handle production traffic forwarded from the SLB instance attached to a Container Service for Swarm cluster.


A managed Kubernetes cluster is created. For more information, see Create a managed kubernetes cluster.


  1. Log on to the Container Service for Kubernetes console. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Ingresses and Load Balancing > Services. On the Services page, find the Kubernetes-piggymetrics-cluster cluster and click Create in the upper-right corner.
  2. In the Create Service dialog box, set the required parameters and click Create. For more information, see Create a service.
    • Name: Enter the service name. gateway-swarm-slb is entered in this example.
    • Type: Select the service type, which specifies how the service is accessed. Node Port is selected in this example.

      Node Port: enables access to the service through the IP address and static port (NodePort) on each node. A NodePort service can be used to route requests to a ClusterIP service. The ClusterIP service is automatically created by the system. You can access the NodePort service from outside the cluster by sending requests to <NodeIP>:<NodePort>.

    • Backend: Select the backend instance to be bound to the service. The created gateway service is selected in this example.
    • Port Mapping: Set the service port and container port. The container port must be the same as that exposed by the backend pod.

      The node port range is from 30000 to 32767.