Q: What is Alibaba Cloud SAG Software?

SAG Software is an app client that allows endpoint devices such as cell phone, POS and laptops to securely get connected to Alibaba Cloud and on-premise data centers in one click, accelerating the access to enterprise application and other cloud resources.

Q: Why do I need SAG Software?

SAG Software enables end users to accelerate the access to applications and process their business workloads from anywhere securely. It also simplifies the mobile endpoint management for IT administrators.

  • Secure cloud access: Securely connect to the cloud through a private network built on an encrypted tunnel over the Internet.
  • Connect from anywhere: End users can access the private network from anywhere over the Internet.
  • Multiple OS supported: SAG Software is compatible with multiple PC and mobile operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • Integration ready: SDK is available to be integrated to a third party app client to offer a customized solution.
  • Elastic connection: The number of connections and the bandwidth per connection can be adjusted.
  • Centralized management:IT administrators can manage all the connections through a single pane of glass.

Q: When should I use SAG Software?

The major use cases of SAG Software are as follows:

  • Access to application in a hybrid cloud: Once connected, SAG Software allows users to access applications both in Alibaba Cloud and in the private cloud.
  • Mobile workforce: End users can handle workflows from anywhere over the Internet.
  • Endpoint device connection: SAG Software can be deployed on various kinds of endpoints including cell phones, POSs, laptops, Pads and so on.

Q: How does SAG Software work?

Users can install the SAG Software on their cell phones and laptops like any other app. The app is configuration free. After a click of the connect button, the device is automatically connected to a nearest Alibaba Cloud access point through SSL-VPN encryption.

Q: How is SAG Software compared with other VPN solutions?

SAG Software is the only one-stop cloud VPN solution connecting end points with Alibaba Cloud. The alternative uses a third party VPN image combined with ECS and EIP to build your in-house VPN solution. SAG Software is superior in the following ways.

  • Application acceleration: SAG Software adopts a hybrid cloud connection approach with dedicated leased line and the Internet. The network speed is much faster than VPN solutions which is built on pure the Internet.
  • Easier configuration: Users are free of the hassle of building and testing their own VPN solution. This type of solution usually requires configurations when each client is being set up. With SAG Software, the deployment effort of administrators is reduced and end the setup time of users is saved.
  • Access to Alibaba Cloud services: With SAG Software, users can access shared services such as OSS, RDS and DTS without any additional setup and configuration needed in a traditional VPN solution.

Q: How can I get started with SAG Software?

For more information on how to get started, see Configuration guide and Configuration guide.

Q: How is SAG Software priced?

For more information on SAG pricing, see Billing of Smart Access Gateway (Software)