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Last Updated: May 28, 2019

Q: What is Container Registry (ACR) Enterprise Edition?

Container Registry (ACR) is a secured image repository hosting service providing container image lifecycle management.

Container Registry Enterprise Edition allows you to manage images throughout image management lifecycle. It provides secured image management capability, include image build from source code, replication across global regions and it is very easy to manage image permission for RAM accounts. This service simplifies the creation and maintenance of the image registry and supports image management in multiple regions.

Combined with other cloud services such as Container Service, Container Registry provides an optimized solution for distributing Cloud Native applications on the cloud.

Q: When should I use ACR Enterprise Edition?

If you have concerns on scale and security of container application distribution, for example, large number of worker nodes, multi-regional deployment or you want to have more secured environment of image, then you might want to try this service.

  • Having large-scale nodes on which runs containerized applications
  • High security requirements Requires network access control and requires fine-grained image security scanning
  • Multi-regional application deployment. In this case, your applications require image replication and mirroring for automatic image synchronization across multiple regions.

Q: How does ACR Enterprise Edition work?

ACR Enterprise Edition is a high secured registry service that docker images are encrypted and stored on the user’s OSS Bucket. It provides flexible network access control management, customers can manage the public network, VPC network access through whitelist. ACR Enterprise Edition integrates with cloud products seamlessly such as Alibaba-cloud Container Service for Kubernetes and Alibaba-cloud Code to build images and deploy to clusters automatically.

Q: Why is ACR Enterprise Edition better than other image container registry?

Functions ACR EE ACR Docker Registry
Image management Yes Yes Yes
Multi-region Yes Yes N/A
Image scanning Yes Yes N/A
Network policy for access control Yes No N/A
P2P distribution Yes No N/A
Image replication Yes No N/A
High aviability Yes Yes Partial
Integration with Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes Service Yes Yes N/A

ACR EE enables organization to manage Enterprise-class image securely, and it supports P2P image distribution expedite large scale application deployment. What’s more it provides flexible network policy for access control, fine-grained image security scanning. The P2P large-scale distribution enables high concurrency, which allows thousands nodes pulling images at the same time.

Q: How can I get started with ACR?

Please visit Quick Start guide, for more details on how to get started with ACR.