After business groups and application groups are created, you can view the business groups, application groups, applications, VSwitches, and ECS instances in each region on the Application Groups page.

Background information

On the Application Groups page, click the name of a region. The Application Groups page is displayed. You can view all the business groups in the specified region. Click a business group to view the details, including the application groups, applications, dependent business groups, independent business groups, and first visit traffic.

Application Groups


  1. Log on to the Cloud Firewall console.
  2. In the left pane, choose Business Visualization > Application Groups.
  3. Click the VPC that you want to view.
  4. On the business relations page of the specified VPC, you can view the information of each business group, including the dependent business groups and the independent business groups.
    • You can click the Settings button on the left to set the importance degrees of business groups to be displayed.
      Note You can distinguish application groups from business groups in the business relations graph. For example, a circle with the word application in it represents an application group, and a circle with the words business group in it represents a business group. The larger a circle is, the more important the business group or application group is.
    • On the right of the business relations graph, the statistics of the VPC is displayed, including the business groups, application groups, applications, first visit traffic, and all the business groups in the VPC.
      business groups
    • In the Actions column for a business group, click View Details to view the detailed business relations of this business group. You can view the nodes and business relations of the specified business group.
      View Details