This topic describes the changes made to the community version of Kubernetes by Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK). The Kubernetes used by ACK shares the core code with the community Kubernetes. Therefore, each version of Kubernetes used by ACK is compatible with the corresponding version of the community Kubernetes.

Added features in V1.12.6-aliyun.1

  • Shielded TLS handshake logs generated by the apiserver kubelet to perform health checks on SLB instances.

    CommitID: 4f1d96e153b050d8374bfbb66803d7b3d9181abe

  • Added support for kubeadm to check Docker V18.09.2.

    CommitID: 3b1ebfa1b857c44f5261a36f1420b10a08e01771

  • Changed the level of watch logs of the aggregation controller.


  • The changes to kubeadm are as follows:
    • Increased the times of retries performed by kubeadm when cluster resources are updated.
    • Removed the feature that kubeadm deploys DNS servers.
    • Removed the feature that kubeadm deploys kubeproxy.
    • Increased the period of validity for certificates generated by kubeadm to 10 years.

For more information, see Release notes for Kubernetes released by the Kubernetes community.