This topic describes how to write a threshold alarm to Message Service (MNS).


  1. To authorize CloudMonitor to write an alarm to MNS, click here.

  2. Start the OpenAPI Explorer service, and call the PutResourceMetricRule operation to create an alarm rule.
  3. Call the PutMetricRuleTargets operation to create an alarm for the specified alarm rule, and set corresponding MNS parameters.

    ARN: specifies the target MNS queue in the format of "acs:mns:{$RegionId}:{$UserId}:/queues/{$queueName}/messages", or specifies the target MNS topic in the format of "acs:mns:{$RegionId}:{$UserId}:/topics/{$queueName}/messages".

The following example shows parameters of PutMetricRuleTargets:

    Id: 1,
    Level: ["INFO", "WARN", "CRITICAL"],

Message body written to MNS

CloudMonitor writes a message body to MNS in the JSON string format. When MNS consumes the message body, your client parses the message structure as a JSON string as follows:

  "ruleId": "putNewAlarm_group_778af9ba-a291-46ab-ac53-3983bcee****",
  "ruleName": "test",
  //Current level.
  "curLevel": "WARN",
  //Previous level.
  "preLevel": "OK",
  //The instance that triggers the alarm.
  "resources": "{\"instanceId\": \"i-uf61rfofjd2iku7e****\"}",
  //The condition that triggers the alarm.
  "escalation": {
    "comparisonOperator": "GreaterThanYesterday",
    "level": 3,
    "statistics": "Average",
    "tag": "WARN",
    "threshold": "0",
    "times": 1
  "metricData": {
    "timestamp": 1534736160000,
    "userId": "127067667954****",
    "instanceId": "i-uf61rfofjd2iku7e****",
    "Average": 470687744,
    "Maximum": 470794240,
    "Minimum": 470556672,
    //Compare some metrics with those in the previous month and those in the same period of the previous year.--Start.
    "AliyunCmsPrevValues": { //Compared values.
      "timestamp": 1534649760000,
      "userId": "127067667954****",
      "instanceId": "i-uf61rfofjd2iku7e****",
      "Average": 468463616,
      "Maximum": 468549632,
      "Minimum": 468258816
    //Comparison formula.
    "AliyunCmsComplexExpression": "100.0 * ($Average-$$prevAverage)/$$prevAverage",
    //Conversion formula.
    "AliyunCmsComplexMath": "100.0 * (470687744-468463616)/468463616",
    //Calculation result.
    "AliyunCmsComplexValue": 0.47477070236336133
    //Compare some metrics with those in the previous month and those in the same period last year.--End.
  //Metric parameters.
  "metricName": "memory_actualusedspace#60",
  "namespace": "acs_ecs_dashboard",
  "period": "60",

  //Application group parameters.
  "groupBy": "group",
  "productGroupName": "RDS instance group",

  //Alarm time
  "lastTime": 327362743, //The duration of the alarm.
  "time": 1534736160000, //The time when the data occurred.

  "userId": "173651113438****",
  "eventName": "AlertOk",
  "eventType": "Alert",
  //Use the following parameters to trace the alarm.
  "batchId": "4272653-152082****-0",
  "version": "1.0"