After you activate Cloud Firewall, you can enable the Log Analysis service in the Cloud Firewall console. Log Analysis provides you with the real-time log search and analysis features.


After the Log Analysis service is activated, real-time logs of the internet traffic through Cloud Firewall can be collected automatically. You can also perform real-time log search and analysis with Log Analysis service, and check the results in log dashboards. You need to set the storage duration and storage capacity when you enable the Cloud Firewall log analysis service.
Note The log analysis service is available in the Cloud Firewall Pro, Enterprise, and Flagship editions.

Enable the Log Analysis service of Cloud Firewall

  1. Log on to the Cloud Firewall console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, select Advanced Features > Log Analysis.
  3. Click Activate Now on the Log Analysis page.

  4. Select your log storage capacity, and then click Pay to complete the payment.
    Note For more information about log analysis pricing, refer to Log analysis billing method.
  5. Go back to Log Analysis page in Cloud Firewall console.
  6. Click the Status switch on the right side to enable the Log Analysis service.

    Log Analysis service retrieves records of both inbound and outbound Internet traffic flowing through Cloud Firewall. You can use the retrieved records to detect threats in real time.