The Alibaba Cloud Log Service (SLS) supports Internet logs for the Alibaba Cloud Firewall Pro, Enterprise, and Flagship Editions. You can import the Internet logs to a third-party system by using the Cloud Firewall log analysis function.

The log analysis function of Cloud Firewall supports exporting logs. You can export the log files to your business systems, such as your security operations and maintenance center.

Note Cloud Firewall supports Internet logs. The Internet log data includes the vulnerability priorities and hit rate of access control rules. Cloud Firewall does not support exporting the event log and operation log.


Before using the log analysis function, you must log on to the Cloud Firewall console to purchase and enable the log analysis function.


Export methods

You can use both the Cloud Firewall log analysis function and Alibaba Cloud SLS to export logs.

  • Export a small amount of log data

    You can log on to the Cloud Firewall console, choose Advanced Functions > Log Analysis > Log Download to download a log file in CSV or TXT format, and upload the log file to a third-party system.

  • Export a large amount of log data

    You can log on to the SLS console to export log data by using program group programming.

    For more information about exporting log data by using SLS, see Use consumer groups to consume log data.

    Note If SLS is not activated, when you enable the log analysis function of Cloud Firewall, SLS is activated at the same time.

Cloud Firewall log storage specifications and billing methods

The log analysis function of Cloud Firewall provides you with the scalable log storage space. The log storage specifications are charged as follows.

Log storage duration Log storage capacity Monthly bandwidth Recommended edition Cloud Firewall instance in mainland China
Monthly subscription 15% discount for annual subscription
180 days 1 TB Up to 10 Mbit/s Premium Edition USD 80 USD 861
5 TB Up to 50 Mbit/s Enterprise Edition USD 400 USD 4,080
20 TB Up to 200 Mbit/s Ultimate Edition USD 1,600 USD 16,320

For more information about the log storage space, see Manage the log storage space.