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What is exclusive Alibaba Cloud Bank Account?

Last Updated: May 20, 2019

What is an exclusive Alibaba Cloud Bank Account?

An exclusive bank account is assigned to every Alibaba Cloud credit customer. The credit customer exclusive bank account is affiliated with the Alibaba Cloud Citibank account. When an Alibaba Cloud customer makes a bank transfer to their exclusive bank account, Alibaba Cloud receives the funds and identifies the remitter, so that the system is able to match the funds and the Alibaba Cloud account automatically. As a result, the system can use the remitted funds to pay any unpaid bills.



  1. Currently, an exclusive Alibaba Cloud Bank Account is only available to credit customers who have signed a contract with Alibaba Cloud (Singapore) PTE LTD, Alibaba Cloud US LLC, or Alibaba Cloud (Malaysia) SDN BHD.
  2. Currently, SWIFT and ACH wire transfers are supported. Cash deposits and check deposits to the Alibaba Cloud credit customer account are not supported. To ensure that funds are automatically and accurately credited, please make all deposits by SWIFT or ACH wire transfer.
  3. Depending on the geographic location of your bank, it takes up to 4 business days for the Alibaba Cloud Bank Account to receive, process, and credit funds to your Alibaba Cloud account.

How to pay monthly bills by using an exclusive Alibaba Cloud Bank Account?

The Auto-Payment feature of your Alibaba Cloud Bank Account is enabled by default. Alibaba Cloud will use any newly received funds to clear unpaid bills from the oldest to the newest sequentially. This process will continue until all unpaid bills have been paid or until the funds in your account are insufficient. We recommend that you process bank transfers to your exclusive bank account from the oldest to the newest invoices.


Depending on your country, region, or bank policies, a remittance fee may be charged by the remitting bank. Please inform the remitting bank that the remittance fee will be paid by the receiving Alibaba Cloud Bank Account. Alibaba Cloud will bear the remittance fee and ensure that the amount credited to your account is equal to the actual amount remitted. Also, please properly keep the remittance voucher and other remittance records. If you discover that the amount received is less than the actual amount remitted, contact your account manager. Alibaba Cloud will reimburse the commission to you according to your remittance voucher records.

How to access my exclusive Alibaba Cloud Bank Account?

You can discover and review your exclusive bank account information using the following three methods:

1) Email Notification - Alibaba Cloud will send a notification email titled “Your exclusive Alibaba Cloud Bank Account has been created” after your exclusive bank account is assigned.

2) Billing Management Console - Log on to Billing Management -> Account Balance -> Deposit.2.15.2

3) Monthly Invoice - You can find your exclusive bank account information at the bottom of your monthly invoice.2.15.3