The following tables list API operations available for use in the anti-DDoS protection package service. For more information, see the related documentation.

Notice The anti-DDoS protection package API is available for Enterprise edition users only.

Operations on protection settings

Operation Description
AddIp Adds an IP address to an anti-DDoS protection package.
DeleteIp Removes an IP address from a protection package to cancel protection.
DeleteBlackhole Deactivates the black hole for a protected IP address.

Operations on protection packages

Operation Description
DescribeRegions Queries the regions supported by the anti-DDoS protection packages.
DescribeInstanceList Queries the details of protection packages.
DescribeInstanceSpecs Queries the specification information of a protection package.
DescribeExcpetionCount Queries the exception information of protection packages.
DescribePackIpList Queries the information of IP addresses protected by a protection package.
ModifyRemark Modifies the remarks about an anti-DDoS protection package.
CheckGrant Checks whether protection packages are authorized to query your ECS instance information.

Operations on charts and logs

Operation Description
DescribeDdosEvent Queries the DDoS events that are experienced by a protection package.
DescribeOpEntities Queries the user operation logs.
DescribeTraffic Queries the traffic that flows through a specified protection package.

Operations on tags

Operation Description
ListTagKeys Queries all tags.
ListTagResources Queries the tag details of Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instances.
TagResources Adds tags to Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instances.
UntagResources Removes tags from Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instances.