The following tables list API operations available for use in Anti-DDoS Origin. For more information, see related documentation.

Notice The API operations of Anti-DDoS Origin are available only for Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instances. Before you call the following operations, make sure that you have purchased an Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance. For more information, see Purchase an Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance.

Protection setting management

Operation Description
AddIp Adds IP addresses to an Anti-DDoS Origin instance.
DeleteIp Removes IP addresses from an Anti-DDoS Origin instance to cancel protection.
DeleteBlackhole Disables blackhole filtering for a protected IP address.

Instance management

Operation Description
DescribeRegions Queries regions where Anti-DDoS Origin is available.
DescribeInstanceList Queries the details of Anti-DDoS Origin instances.
DescribeInstanceSpecs Queries the specifications of Anti-DDoS Origin instances.
DescribeExcpetionCount Queries the exceptions of an Anti-DDoS Origin instance.
DescribePackIpList Queries IP addresses that are protected by an Anti-DDoS Origin instance.
ModifyRemark Modifies the remarks about an Anti-DDoS Origin instance.
CheckGrant Checks whether Anti-DDoS Origin is authorized to query information about your Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances.

Log management

Operation Description
DescribeDdosEvent Queries the DDoS events on a specified Anti-DDoS Origin instance.
DescribeOpEntities Queries operations logs.
DescribeTraffic Queries the traffic that flows through a specified Anti-DDoS Origin instance.
DescribeOnDemandDdosEvent Queries the DDoS events on an Anti-DDoS Origin on-demand instance.

Tag management

Operation Description
ListTagKeys Queries all tags.
TagResources Binds tags to a specified Anti-DDoS Origin instance.
UntagResources Unbinds tags from a specified Anti-DDoS Origin instance.
ListTagResources Queries Anti-DDoS Origin instances that are bound with tags.