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FAQ about service activation

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2020

This topic provides answers to commonly asked questions about activating Intelligent Speech Interaction.

1. How do I activate Intelligent Speech Interaction?

For more information, see Activate Intelligent Speech Interaction.

2. How do I confirm that Intelligent Speech Interaction is activated?

Go to the Intelligent Speech Interaction product page and check whether the Console button is displayed. If the Console button is not displayed, Intelligent Speech Interaction is not activated. To activate Intelligent Speech Interaction, click Activate Now.

3. How do I obtain the AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret of my Alibaba Cloud account?

For more information, see Activate Intelligent Speech Interaction.

4. Can I call Intelligent Speech Interaction services as a RAM user?

Yes. To improve security, we recommend that you use a RAM user to call Intelligent Speech Interaction services. To create and manage RAM users, move the pointer over the profile picture in the upper-right corner of the console and click Access Control to go to the RAM console. For more information about RAM, see Terms.