A cluster template is a saved configuration for quickly creating a cluster. Currently, cluster templates are used to create test clusters for workflows in Data Development. More scenarios will be supported.

Choose Alibaba Cloud E-MapReduce console > Data Platform > Cluster Template.


Creating a cluster template is similar to creating a cluster. On the Basic Settings page, you need to specify a cluster template name. In the template list, click Edit to modify a cluster template. After the modification is saved, it is immediately applied to related workflows. You can click Delete to delete a cluster template.

Notice Whether the cluster template is in use is not checked. After the cluster template is deleted, the workflows that use the cluster template fail.

For more information, see Edit a workflow.


  • Cluster templates may not support the latest cluster type. Submit a ticket to Alibaba Cloud if you want to use cluster templates to create clusters of latest types.
  • Currently, setting a cluster password is not supported.