To send an Anti-DDoS Origin API request, you must send an HTTP GET request to the Anti-DDoS Origin endpoint. You must add the request parameters that correspond to the API operation being called. After you call the API operation, the system returns a response. The request and response are encoded in UTF-8.

Request syntax

Anti-DDoS Origin API operations use the RPC protocol. You can call Anti-DDoS Origin API operations by sending HTTP GET requests.

The request syntax is as follows:
  • Endpoint: the endpoint of the Anti-DDoS Origin API.
    Endpoint Supported regions
    • Mainland China
      • China (Hangzhou): cn-hangzhou
      • China (Shanghai): cn-shanghai
      • China (Qingdao): cn-qingdao
      • China (Beijing): cn-beijing
      • China (Zhangjiakou): cn-zhangjiakou
      • China (Hohhot): cn-huhehaote
      • China (Ulanqab): cn-wulanchabu
      • China (Shenzhen): cn-shenzhen
      • China (Heyuan): cn-heyuan
      • China (Chengdu): cn-chengdu
    • International regions
      • UK (London): eu-west-1
      • Germany (Frankfurt): eu-central-1
      • Japan (Tokyo): ap-northeast-1
      • Australia (Sydney): ap-southeast-2
      • Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur): ap-southeast-3
      • Indonesia (Jakarta): ap-southeast-5
      • India (Mumbai): ap-south-1
      • UAE (Dubai): me-east-1
      • Russia (Moscow): rus-west-1 China (Hong Kong): cn-hongkong Singapore: ap-southeast-1 US (Silicon Valley): us-west-1 US (Virginia): us-east-1
  • Action: The operation that you want to perform. For example, you can call the DescribeInstanceList to query the details of Anti-DDoS Origin instances.
  • Version: The API version that you want to use. The current version of the Anti-DDoS Origin API is 2018-07-20.
  • Parameters: the request parameters for the operation. Separate multiple parameters with ampersands (&).

    Request parameters include both common parameters and operation-specific parameters. Common parameters are used for all Anti-DDoS Origin API calls regardless of the operation. For more information, see Common parameters.

The following example demonstrates how to call the DescribeInstanceList operation in Anti-DDoS Origin:
Note To improve readability, the API request is displayed in the following format.

API authentication

To ensure the security of your account, we recommend that you call the Anti-DDoS Origin API by using a RAM user. Before you can use a RAM user to call the Anti-DDoS Origin API, you must create a RAM user and assign the corresponding permissions to the user.

API signature

You must sign all API requests to ensure security. Alibaba Cloud uses the request signature to verify the identity of the API caller, regardless of an HTTP request or an HTTPS request.

When you call an RPC API, you must add the signature to your request in the following format: