Alibaba Cloud Container Service is committed to providing a stable and reliable enterprise-level container platform for its customers. However, Alibaba Cloud shall not be responsible for the following issues:
  • All damages and losses that are caused by the use of third-party or open-source software other than those provided by Alibaba Cloud.
  • Improper operations, such as cluster upgrades through platforms other than Container Service, SLB configuration changes through platforms other than Container Service, and resource deletion by accidental mistakes.
  • Critical configuration changes, such as modifications of the following folders and their content:
    • /var/lib/kubelet
    • /var/lib/docker
    • /etc/kubernetes
    • /etc/kubeadm
  • The use of system reserved annotations in templates, which results in resource unavailability, application failure, and exceptions.

    Labels prefixed with or are reserved for core components. For example, "yes".

  • All losses that are caused by unstable connections to external Kubernetes clusters that are integrated to Container Service.
  • All other improper operations that may affect the stability of the cluster.