The following table lists the fields in Relational Database Service (RDS) SQL execution logs.
Field Description Example
__topic__ The topic of the log. The value is rds_audit_log. rds_audit_log
instance_id The ID of the RDS instance. rm-abcdefg
check_rows The number of scanned rows. 0
db The name of the database. my_db
fail Indicates whether the SQL statement failed to be run. Valid values:
  • 0: successful
  • 1: failed
client_ip The IP address of the client that accessed the RDS instance.
latency The latency of SQL execution, in microseconds. 15
origin_time The duration for which the SQL statement was run, in microseconds. 1525671499014609
return_rows The number of rows that the SQL statement returned. 10
sql The SQL statement that was run. SELECT * from tb_abc
thread_id The ID of the thread. 17171330
user The username used to run the SQL statement. spotuserw
update_rows The number of rows updated. 0