This topic describes how to specify the IP passthrough protocol for passing IP addresses of clients to origin servers. This allows you to collect and analyze these IP addresses to meet your business requirements.

Background information

IP Application Accelerator (IPA) can transfer the source IP address of a client to an origin server. Both TOA and proxy protocol are supported.
  • TOA: The TCP Option Address (TOA) kernel module inserts the source IP address of the client to the option field in the TCP protocol. To use this method, make sure that the origin server has the TOA kernel module installed. No modifications are required for your application.
  • Proxy protocol: The proxy protocol inserts the source IP address of the client into the TCP payload. By default, the proxy protocol is supported by the open source versions of NGINX. For other applications on the origin server, make sure that the proxy protocol is supported.


  1. Log on to the Dynamic Route for CDN console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click IP Application Accelerator.
  3. On the IP Application Accelerator page, find the target domain, and click Modify.
    Domain names in IP Application Accelerator
  4. In the left-side navigation pane of the specified domain, click IP Application Accelerator.
    IP Application Accelerator
  5. In the IP Application Accelerator section, click Modify.
  6. Select a protocol type based on your needs.

    After you enable the IP passthrough protocol, the DCDN service is more easy to use.

    IP passthrough protocol
  7. Click OK.