IP Application Accelerator (IPA) accelerates network transmission, reduces service latency, and improves access availability. This topic describes how to activate the IPA service and add domains to IPA.


You have activated Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN). For more information, see Activate Dynamic Route for CDN.
Notice To activate the DCDN service, submit a ticket or contact technical support. The service is available after approval.


  1. Log on to the Dynamic Route for CDN console.
  2. Add a domain to IPA.
    1. On the IP Application Accelerator page, click Add Domain Name.
      Add a domain
    2. On the Add Domain Name page, set Business type to IP Application Accelerator, and specify the DCDN Domain Name, Origin Information, and Acceleration Region parameters.
      Add a domain
      The following table lists the parameters that you must specify on the Add Domain Name page.
      Parameter Option Description
      Domain Name to Accelerate N/A
      Enter your domain name, for example, ch.aliyun.com. Follow these rules:
      • You can use a subdomain name or a wildcard domain name as the accelerated domain name, for example, dcdntest.example.com.
      • Wildcard domain names are supported and Chinese domain names are not supported. Follow the specified instructions to enter a wildcard domain name, for example, *.test.com. For more information about how to add a wildcard domain name, see Rules for adding wildcard domains.
      • You cannot add an accelerated domain name to DCDN more than once. If an error message is displayed to indicate that the domain name already exists, submit a ticket.
      • Content that is served from the domain must comply with the limits of DCDN. For more information, see Limits.
      Business type Dynamic Acceleration You can set the business type to Dynamic Acceleration. For more information about the configurations of other parameters, see Add a domain.
      IP Application Accelerator In this task, set the business type to IP Application Accelerator.
      Origin Information IP You can specify the public IP addresses of one or more servers.
      Origin Domain You can specify the domain names of one or more origin servers.
      Note The origin domain name must not be the same as the accelerated domain name. Otherwise, a DNS resolution loop occurs, and the requests cannot be forwarded to the origin correctly. For example, if you set the accelerated domain name to dcdn.yourdomain.com, you can set the origin domain to img.yourdomain.com.
      Port Number Enter the port number as needed. Only one port can be specified. If you want to specify multiple ports, submit a ticket.
      Acceleration area Only greater China is supported. The domain name that you want to add must be ICP filed. For more information, see Domain filing.
    3. Click Next.
      After your domain is reviewed and approved, you can view the domain name on the Domain Names page in the DCDN console. If the domain is in the Running state, the domain is added. To enable IPA for the domain, copy the canonical name (CNAME) allocated to the domain, and add a CNAME record at your DNS service provider to map the domain to the CNAME. For more information, see Configure a CNAME record.